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Dr. K saved my life!  He is very passionate about helping his patients, is an expert in his field, and saves the lives of his patients.  His staff is awesome as well!  I highly recommended Dr. K and am very happy with the Duodenal Switch procedure he does.  He is the ONLY doctor that does this particular procedure in So Cal!  Go see him if you are morbidly obese!*

Kurt G

The doctor has excellent bedside manner and the office staff is super-friendly. I had a problem with another doctor not listening to my concerns about not losing weight. I came here to Dr. Mutafyan and he fixed it.*


Dr. Lourié is the most professional and caring surgeon. He took time to address my concerns and I never felt rushed at any appointment I had with him. He informed my wife after the surgery how the procedure was successful, and was very kind in doing so.*


Dr. Lourié is an excellent surgeon. He did my vgs surgery and I’m recovering quickly and with very little pain.  His Office Coordinator, Monique is friendly and efficient.  Both are accessible.  I highly recommend him if you are considering Bariatric surgery.*


Dr. George Mutafyan is the best he was so nice to me through everything. My starting weight was 315 and now I’m at 220. He is God sent. I have so much more to go but I know I will make it. And it’s all thanks to the Dr. who believed in me. The staff was nice to me as well. I must have called a thousand times with a bunch of questions and they answered me all the time even when i was scared i would call and they would make me feel at ease. I am truly grateful.  Again thank you so much Dr. You are a blessing.*


Most amazing bariatric surgeon I’ve ever met. Treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. I’d pick him over and over for anything!*


I had sleeve gastrectomy year ago I was 303lb now I am 194lb thanks to Dr. Bhoot.*


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lourié as my surgeon. I started my journey in March and had surgery at the end of September. He has the absolute best reputation. Two of my own doctors told me they would trust no one else as their personal surgeon. That speaks volumes.

I had to be readmitted for a fever post-op and Dr. Lourié and his staff were incredible. They were thorough and caring, and Dr. Lourié came in on a Saturday to see me inpatient, even though his fellows were on call and handling my case. I was very well cared for and released the next day. Thankfully it was not a surgical complication.

What I appreciate most about Dr. Lourié are his stringent bariatric pre-op requirements. Various medical tests are performed to make sure that surgery is as safe as possible. His success rate and safety record are both impeccable. He is an incredibly thorough surgeon, and that’s exactly what you want. I cannot recommend him enough.*


Dr. K is all about the patient! I felt comfortable with my surgery he explained everything so that I understood. Dr. K ‘s aftercare has been excellent, his staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel comfortable at all times. I recommend Dr. K to anyone that is considering having gastric surgery of any type.*


I had a Duodenal Switch surgery with him in 2001. Day 1, I was impressed with his dedication to educating his patients. He treated me like a Person and not a FAT person. I certainly had participated in becoming Morbidly Obese, however, he taught me that obesity had many players and surgical intervention could help me beat it into submission. Over 15 years later, I maintain a 140 lb. weight loss with no co-morbidities. In 2016 Dr. K is still accessible to me in educating and guiding to health.*


Here I am today commenting as one of Dr. K’s (as we all lovingly call him) very first patients. I flew across the nation for my consult as after doing extensive research, I suspected this was the doctor for me. My decision after the consult to continue with DS surgery changed my life in so many ways. Remember this was 16 1/2 years ago and without this surgery I most certainly would be debilitated today. Today I am dancing 2x a week, doing yoga, playing on the beach and counting my blessings!*


Dr. Mutafyan is a great bariatric surgeon. He walked me through the process that he felt that was needed to assist me with my weight loss and he was absolutely right, his bedside manners was awesome .He was very detailed and everything that he did for me even the staff the ladies at the front office I highly favored them all. They assist me from the beginning to the end and process all of my insurance claims make sure I had the proper vitamins and follow up with me after my surgery. Thank you all for everything.*


I first met with Dr. Lourié in May 2016 to find out more information and discuss Bariatric surgery. I found his demeanor to be warm and friendly. His record is impeccable and so I started my journey with him.
What I liked about Dr Lourié was that he has his patients go through quite a few tests and procedures beforehand so there is less of a chance of complications during surgery.

I had issues with my insurance company covering the procedure but Monique, Dr. Lourié’s office manager never gave up and I was finally approved for surgery.

His fellows, hospital staff…everything was top notch.
He is highly regarded at the hospital as everyone I met said that I was in excellent hands.

Knowing that Dr. Lourié is a general surgeon, if I or anyone in my family needs any other surgery, Dr. Lourié will be my first choice to see.*


The best doctor for bariatric surgery you can find. I have had my surgery now for 2 years and I have lost over 250lbs with continuing weight loss. Dr. Bhoot is very supportive, encouraging and gives the best advise to continue on the weight loss journey. All you have to do is listen to him and follow instructions. The surgery works and his method of the procedure is truly remarkable. I would do this again with Dr. Bhoot but glad I don’t have to do this over because once was a success. Thank you Dr. Bhoot.*


Weight loss surgery can sound really scary and if you don’t have the right doctor you can still be very scared and not do this life changing procedure that will really change the way you feel and look about yourself and most important your health!  Dr. Mutafyan is different from many doctors he truly cares about all his patients from the minute you meet him, he is kind and has a genuine heart and very humble person. If you go see Dr. Mutafyan the search is over cause I can promise you, you won’t go anywhere else! And his staff is amazing!! Very sweet and always on top of everything and if their is something they cant help you with right away then Dr. Mutafyan is always available 🙂 *


I have waiting on authorization for my weight loss surgery. But, I wanted to let people new to Dr. Bhoot know my thoughts on his practice. Since I stepped in the door Dr. Bhoot and his staff treated me with respect and courtesy. He answered all our questions regarding the procedures that he performs. His staff was quick to set up appointments required for the procedure, including dietician, GI procedure, and he performed an endoscopy on myself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to all patients.*


*Results May Vary from Patient to Patient